Trial Plans

When you activate your Vetsecure voucher we'll help you pay your veterinary bills for 4 weeks and up to $500.

There is NO COST for your 4 week trial coverage which provides complimentary accident and illness protection for any cat or dog over 8 weeks old.

Your Coverage Benefits

Should you need to claim, we will reimburse you for 80% of your vet fees, less a $100 deductible. Please refer to your Voucher Terms & Conditions for complete details.

The trial coverage is valid for 4 weeks, beginning from the date and time you activate the voucher. Coverage for accidents begins 48 hours after activation and 14 days for illness. Your coverage will automatically expire after 4 weeks unless you continue with a Petsecure plan.

Activation is easy! Start your coverage now online or call 1-800-268-1169 to activate your coverage.


Apollo-a pet insurance testimonial

Apollo's True Tail -
a pet insurance testimonial



Dimitropoulo, Montreal, QB

About five days after getting Apollo the Pug, I decided to purchase pet insurance from Petsecure after looking on the Internet. If anything would happen, at least I would be covered.

I was skeptical at first, because Apollo was only two months old and he seemed very healthy. What could happen, other than his regular visits?

About six months later, Apollo showed some signs of limping on his right leg. I waited a few days to see if it would get better. Unfortunately, it did not.

I quickly took Apollo to the clinic to have him examined, and he was diagnosed with necrosis of the femoral head. After careful examination, I was referred to a specialist that would have to perform extensive surgery on Apollo's hip to have the head of the femur removed.

I was astonished at the cost. Considering I had only been a member of Petsecure pet insurance for four months, I was even scared to call, thinking that I may not even be insured. But a wonderful Petsecure customer care representative walked me through my pet insurance plan and explained what Apollo was covered for.

Apollo is now 19 months old, and he is FULLY recovered, running and playing at 100! Petsecure pet insurance covered the medications, pre- and post-surgery.

What was astonishing was that the representatives not only offered information, but their well wishes and support during that difficult time. I can say only one thing to anyone who buys a pet, now: "Do you have pet insurance?" It is truly what your pet needs, but also deserves. Thank you, Petsecure!