Why Pet Health Insurance?

As pet parents, we all believe we'll be able to protect our pets from harm. If you really think about it, you'll realize that no matter how much love and care you provide, accidents and illness are still beyond your control.

Pet health insurance is a unique way to ensure that whenever you need to, you can provide your pet with the very best of care. So that when the unexpected happens, you're free to make the health care decisions that feel right for you, rather than basing them on what you can (or can't) afford.

Benefits of Pet Health Insurance

  • Get the best possible veterinary care for your pet
  • Control costs associated with keeping your pet healthy
  • Remove financial restrictions to the cost of care
  • Be prepared for any emergency

What's standing between me and the coverage I need?

These are the five most common misconceptions people have about pet health insurance. Are any of these yours?

"I've never bought pet health insurance before, so how much could I really need it?"

Reality: We introduced pet health insurance to Canada in 1989. Today tens of thousands of Canadian pet parents have realized the value of insuring their pet with us. Many advances have been made in veterinary medicine since we began, and that will surely continue to evolve during the lifetime of your pet. Having pet health insurance provides you with the security and peace of mind knowing that if something ever happened to your furry loved one they would be...All taken care of.

"I have an indoor pet, so I don't worry about them being at risk for illness or injury."

Reality: When we think of the unexpected, we instantly think of accidents and injuries that outdoor pets may be at higher risk of experiencing. However, over 75% of all pet insurance claims are for illness, not accidents. Research shows that indoor pets are just as likely to get an illness as an outdoor pet.

"My pet is still a healthy puppy/kitten. We won't need insurance until years from now."

Reality: Dogs will be dogs. Cats will be cats. Like toddlers, young pets lack the full coordination and the perception that comes from experience - and at the same time, they possess a great deal of curiosity. A precarious combination! Puppies and kittens may be more likely to suffer injuries from jumping, falling or snacking on something they shouldn't. Therefore, we recommend enrolling pets when they're still young, especially before pre-existing conditions develop or accidents and illness occur.

"My pet is too old. They can't get coverage at this age."

Reality: Your pet can always get coverage for any medical conditions they don't yet have! As our pets get older, they do become more susceptible to age-related illness or medical conditions associated with their breed - but that does not make them any less worthy of receiving the best possible veterinary care and life-saving treatments available. Every year that goes by increases those risks, so it's always advisable to insure your pet before they develop health problems and pre-existing conditions. Often with older pets it makes even more financial sense to do so.

One of our Customer Care Representatives will be glad to explain your options and help you choose the most suitable coverage for your pet. Remember, no pet is ever "too old" for coverage and no pet parent will be refused simply for having a pet they have loved and nurtured over many years.

"Pet insurance is too expensive. I can't afford it."

Reality: The truth is that pet insurance is actually much less expensive than human health insurance. In Canada, our federal and provincial governments subsidize much of our basic health care, and because employers typically pay 50-100% of an employee's extended health insurance coverage, we rarely see the real price tag of human health care.

In contrast, veterinary care is not covered by the government, or by your employer. The only person who pays your veterinary bill is you. That's why it's important to remember that pet insurance is an investment. For a relatively small monthly premium, you are helping to budget for the costs of unforeseen expense in your pet's active world. Pet insurance also ensures the financial protection against expensive treatments for accidents and illness including: diagnostics, hospitalization, medication and emergency fees should the urgent need ever arise.



Be Secure -Knowing That's It's All Taken Care Of
Pepito -a pet insurance testimonial

Pepito's True Tail -
a pet insurance testimonial



Roxane, Orleans, Ontario, Canada

After taking Pepito home at 14 weeks we went to our veterinary clinic for a routine check-up. My veterinarian told us about Petsecure's 6 week Vetstart trial of pet health insurance and since there was no cost for us to try it, she suggested we sign up right away. She also suggested that we should enroll for a Petsecure policy before our trial expires.This way we could take advantage of a waived enrollment fee and uninterrupted coverage for Pepito.

We agreed with our veterinarian and decided to continue our coverage; it would be a good idea for the unexpected. Little did we know we would soon need to use Pepito's plan.

Although getting rid of the parasite was quite the ordeal (bleach cleaning, puppy baths and more), not having to deal with a much more serious disease like Parvo, was such a relief. The total cost of his veterinary treatment came to over $1,000.00. Since we had Petsecure pet health insurance the cost of the treatment was a stressful situation we didn't have to worry about.

We had looked into getting pet health insurance years ago for our cats, but we had decided against it. We now regret our decision since one of our cats has been very sick and has had over $8,000.00 in treatment within the past five years. We would recommend Petsecure to anyone thinking of getting a pet, regardless if it's a cat or a dog. Not having to worry about medical costs is such a relief, especially these days.

Pepito is now free of Giardia, and we are all very thankful of Petsecure.