Trial Details

The Vetsecure 4 week trial provides you with 4 weeks of complimentary accident and illness protection for any cat or dog over 8 weeks old at NO COST to you.

During your 4 week trial we will be in touch to help:

  • Answer any questions you may have about your coverage
  • Provide you with a personalized quote to continue coverage
  • Explain the many benefits of continuing coverage for your furry friend

Pet Health Insurance with Petsecure

Pet health insurance is a unique way to ensure that whenever you need to, you can provide your pet with the very best care. For us at Petsecure that means regardless of the level of coverage you choose, you'll be reimbursed for up to 80% of the cost of care and veterinary services including: x-rays, hospitalization, surgery and prescriptions. And with Petsecure all of our plans include important dental care, alternative treatments, behavioral therapy and medical devices.

Enroll with Petsecure before your 6 week trial ends, and you'll enjoy:

  • Waived enrollment - saving you $15.
  • Uninterrupted coverage - regular waiting periods will be waived.
  • No exclusions based on conditions that may develop during your trial period.
  • Improved coverage - our membership levels offer higher coverage amounts for accidents and illness, dental coverage, preventive care, membership benefits and much more!

Activation is easy! Start your coverage now online or call 1-800-268-1169 to activate your coverage today!


Bitey -a pet insurance testimonial

Bitey's True Tail -
a pet insurance testimonial



Megan Wahl, Toronto, ON

When we got our puppy, Bitey, we were overjoyed and more than ready for the new addition to our family. I had previously talked to my husband about pet insurance, but he didn't really understand the need for it. After the first week we had her, he fully understood.

Little did we know that our adorable puppy was deathly ill. Within two days she was hospitalized due to infection, severe worms, and a case of parvovirus that nearly killed her. We treated her for months, and her vet bill was in the thousands of dollars.

Even with the expense looming over us, I was relieved because we had Petsecure pet insurance. I could focus on my puppy's well being and not worry about how we could possibly afford another huge vet bill! The weight off of our shoulders was immense. I can say that, from personal experience, there is nothing more horrible than already being distraught about your pet's ill health, and then having to worry about how to afford another procedure.

The next morning our phone rang with great news! Shelby was doing much better and had passed the blockage. We could go pick her up and bring her home. During this entire ordeal, we knew the costs were adding up but we couldn't imagine life without Shelby so we authorized any test that needed to be done. The total cost was $1,100. If Shelby would've had to get surgery, it would have cost us anywhere in-between $2,000-$4,000.

I can't say enough about Petsecure pet insurance to friends and family (even strangers in the dog park). Petsecure not only covered Bitey's eye problem, but they were more than helpful, very understanding on the phone, and prompt to issue cheques to cover the costs.

Anyone who thinks that pet health insurance isn't a good idea should heed this story, and anyone who is considering pet insurance should get Petsecure. No insurance company that I have ever dealt with has treated me as kindly, honestly, or promptly as Petsecure.